Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 all-you-can-wear styles for Celine

From left: The Cropped Tube Leg (a.k.a. the slouchy skinny), The Men's Straight Leg (boy style, girl fit), The High-Waisted Wide-Leg (all fashion and a nod to her near cult status shape at Chloe), The Cropped Tube Leg (a modern take on the Audrey), and The Tapered Leg (a classic you'll wear forever, but never hate to wear). 

這個 capsule collection 的價格為 650 USD - 870 USD,全年有售,因應季節不同而轉用不同的 fabric。
有人說擁有了這五款褲子就如同擁有了全世界,什麼的 top 也能穿搭得很好。
可是還欠了 ROSE 最喜愛的 super skinny 呢,雖然鬆身的褲子也開始回歸了,可是沒有 skinny 還是不行的。
source: harpersbazaar

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